Stories of the Future – The Future of Storytelling

They have been around since the dawn of man. But what will their future look like? Stories are at the very core of our humanity. Who we are is often determined not by the things we go through but by the story we tell about ourselves – to ourselves. Stories are age old yet ever changing, shaped by progress and by outside forces. So which will be the stories of tomorrow? And how will they be told? The German School of Journalism in Munich and the Robert Bosch Foundation brought together fifteen young journalists from Germany and eleven from the Balkans to look for answers.

My friend the robot

They talk, move, laugh – and know how we feel. But they are robots, not humans. Do we want social robotics to be our future?

Death and Data

We all leave traces. On our computers, on our smartphones, on the internet. But does our data die with us?

"Have we met before?"

It turns the human brain into sticky dough - slowly and silently. In our ageing societies Alzheimer's Disease is becoming an ever bigger issue. As scientists search for a cure, a patient is learning to live with the disease.

Going West

They came in search of a better life - and got stuck on a Munich street corner. Every morning, hundreds of Bulgarian and Romanian labour migrants desperately wait for an employer to pick them up. What can society do to help them achieve a better future?

Green or grey?

All over the world, people are moving into cities. To accommodate the newcomers Bavaria's capital Munich is removing green spaces. And angering some of the locals.

Green or grey?

The future is urban. All over the world, people are moving into cities. The environmental challanges are huge.

DELPHI is a multimedia-journal produced by the Deutsche Journalistenschule Munich (DJS) in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation’s Program „International Networker: Summer School for Online and Multimedia Journalism“. The project took place in Munich, August 2015.